Sectional Timber Doors

A sectional garage door is a technical masterpiece, and offers a great deal more in the standard build over other door types. The mechanism is designed primarily to lift individual panels vertically which then curve around a track bend and follow the ceiling horizontally.
There are usually 4 sections with an average sectional door height, and because of the construction of each panel it does mean you can go up to some very wide sizes, 5000 mm usually being the maximum in timber. 3000mm high is also available.

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A sectional door will seal all around the edges with built in weather seals being part of the mechanism and tracking, They will generally be more secure than other doors with each panel having effectively 2 rollers each side, held in place in the steel tracking system making forced entry almost impossible without serious tools. Each panel fits neatly into the one below it and therefore you have an excellent sealed door when closed for the best insulation and weather protection.

Standard designs are limited, but many people opt for the bespoke service and have an individual design and this can be in various timbers offered such as cedar, hemlock, nordic pine, oak and larch. You can even satisfy the most demanding of authorities in conservation areas or on listed buildings by having vertical lines when required in varying widths.

period style timber sectional doorThe timber sectional door shown here on the left is a vertically routed Hormann LTH40 hemlock sectional door and was required as the building was listed and very prominent in the location.

The width between the vertical lines can be decided on as the door starts life as a completely flat set of panels with no design. The design is decided on by the client and a CAD drawing is produced and confirmed before production.

This particular sectional timber door was essential for the fact it does not swing out and this door is right onto the public pavement.

Horman style 405 timber sectional door in Nordic PineHere is a standard door design from Hormann - the 405 timber sectional shown here in their Nordic Pine option.

The design of this door incorporates the horizontal line breaks that are always in a sectional door and uses them to great effect.

Notice the lack of handles as nearly every single timber sectional door is electrically operated.

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